The Kreutz Lab


Master Project

Previous results from our lab and the lab of Bryen Jordan have shown that the transmembrane adaptor protein Prr7 translocates to the nucleus after NMDAR activation, where it can modulate c-Jun dependent gene expression (Kravchick et al., EMBO Journal, 2016). However, the protein was first identified at the postsynaptic density (PSD) in a complex with NMDAR and PSD95 suggesting an eventual synaptic function of the protein (Kravchick et al., EMBO Journal, 2016). This synaptic function of Prr7 is still largely enigmatic. In ongoing work we follow up on the hypothesis that the protein integrates pro-inflammatory and NMDAR signaling

We have currently no open positions but we are always considering applications of talented students for a Master thesis or a lab internship. We can help interested students at all levels to raise funds for a fellowship to join the labs in Hamburg and Magdeburg.